"Name?  Social sexurity code?  Occupation?  Nature of business in Los Angeles Central Polized Zone IV?  Permission to enter granted.  The computer says you're clear, but be out again by 22:00 or you'll be going back to your San Bernadino sleaze-pit in an ash-tray.  Next!"  --Duty Patrolman Hogan Jenkins, Legal Eagles Security, westside filter zone, LA Central IV

Access to the PolicedZones is through areas known as Filter, also known variously as Influx, In/Out, and StopGowhere modern day drawbridges and portcullises prevent unwanted intruders entering Corporation territory. Depending on the area, barriers tange from raisable poles to switchable laser-curtains.  No PZ has a completely open gateway.  Here incoming trucks load and unload containers, protected in large parks patrolled by armed guards and IR-enhanced guard dogs. Vehicles passing through Filter are often required to strip down, as most PolicedZones maintain laws prohibiting carrying weapons by anyone who is not a Corporation law enforcer.