Ghost Dancers is a novel by Brian Craig, published by Boxtree Books in 1991.

Ghost Dancers was republished as Kid Zero in England.

Plot SummaryEdit

The US of A in the final throes of the twentieth century. Climactic catastrophe has devastated the land. The economy, civilisation, and even the laws of nature are falling apart. Contrast the fortress city-states of the corporate-owned Policed Zones with the decaying wilderness prowled by the tribalistic gang-cults of the new millennium.

GenTec - one of the most powerful mega-corps on the planet - have lost a computer disk. Not just any disk. This disk belonged to Doc Zarathustra, eccentric genius and head of the corporation's BioDiv. And now everyone wants it - at any price.

Kid Zero - one-time member of the Low Numbers - owes fealty to no one. His only companion is Lady Venom - a six-foot, female rattlesnake. And he has the disk. Pursued half-way round the world and back by the most ruthless killers GenTec and its competitors can send after him, the odds are not on his side. But the Kid is cunning. He may be a lone wolf, but he's not without friends. And the kid doesn't want money or power; the kid wants revenge

Main CharactersEdit

Kid Zero

Lady Venom

Doc Zarathustra

Publication HistoryEdit

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