Outside the safety of the PolicedZones, the remnants of the great American cities survive as areas known as NoGo, home to the poor, the disposed, and the desperate. The buildings here are crumbling, falling prey to acid pollution, ruthless overcrowding, and exploitation. Some ‘service status’ areas manage to afford policing of sorts, while other areas are protected by local hoods or organised crime cartels. Conflict between rival gangs over territory and street-status are common, and most streets are tagged with gang symbols advertising their current ‘protectors’. Many rich kids from the PolicedZones journey into NoGo looking for illicit pleasures; indeed you can find whatever you want in NoGo if you know where to look. In the shattered filth of the decaying suburbs, black marketers sell Corporation manufactured pleasures, smuggled from out of the PolicedZone factories. Hi-tech programs, designer drugs, electronics, live animals, body parts, antiques and uncontaminated water fetch the highest price.