The Plague Riders are a large Illinois Renegade Gangs operating north of the Missouri PZ of St Louis, notable as one of the few PZs that has no surrounding NoGo settlement beyond the PZ walls. All Plague Riders are veteran raiders, recruited mainly from the smaller Sandbaggers, Death Stalkers and Shotgun Posse. The Plague Riders initiate all their members into a mysterious pagan death cult, which also has some adherents in the Chicago Mafia, who provide them with equipment in return for the Plague Rider’s support. The specifics of this cult have brought them into conflict with the local Native Americans, with the two groups opposing each other at every turn. Plague Riders often wear purple cowls and facemasks, and some senior members wield scythes as a mark of their authority.

More details, including a set of vehcile stat cards, were announced in White Dwarf 112 for White Dwarf 113 but never released.

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