Built and controlled by the Corporations, each PolicedZone (PeeZee, PZ) exists within steel-reinforced walls, protected by electric fences, intruder detection and laser repulsion systems. Every inhabitant is an employee of the relevant Corporation, providing feudal-style loyalty in exchange for security, housing, and modern facilities. Employees are born in Corporation medi-centres and educated in the Corporation schools before working for the Corporation and then being incinerated in the Corporation funeral home. Corporation Employees seldom have to sweat, with ultra-high technology resulting in industrial robots and computer controlled production lines undertaking sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Entertainment is also provided by the Corporations, in the form of decadent playgrounds where young, rich trendsetters party in Corporation nightclubs and attend Corporation galas. Less privileged employees rely on the TV and Datanet for entertainment. Here they watch either Corporation produced soaps and game shows or pirate TV coverage of motor duels and other Bloodsports that occur outside of the PolicedZone’s security.

Beyond the PolicedZones is NoGo.  Access from one to another is controlled by Filter.