Rebecca Marie "Redd" Harvest (born 7 November 1972 ) is a partner in Turner, Harvest, and Ramirez and recognized as an elite Sanctioned Op.  In only three years, Harvest has risen from obscurity to recognition as one of the top Ops..

Early Life and Musical CareerEdit

Harvest is from New Orleans, LA.  She entered Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1989 to study modern languages and business.  After one and a half years, Harvest left school to pursue a musical career, forming a band called the Lust Lobsters.  Harvest played bass guitar and sang back-up vocals.  The band's only album, More Fun With Cream Cheese, was in the top 100, rising to number 1 for three weeks.  Following a show after-party in Pasadena, CA, the band was involved in a collission in which their band struck a bridge pillar.  Two members of the band were killled.  When the record company brought in two session musicians and renamed the band the Dead Lobsters, Harvest quit, despite the penalty clause in her contract.

Following a succession of brief employments, Harvest worked briefly for GenTec, performed some work in special market research (corporate espionage, and also worked priefly as a private investigator.

Sanctioned OperativeEdit

Harvest became a Sanctioned Op out of a need for "more money, fast" [1].  Pursued by lawyers from the record company regarding the penalty clause, Harvest joined Crockett, McCloud, and Eismann around 27 December 1992.  With her first three contracts, Harvest was able to clear her obligation to the record company.

By age 23, Harvest had become a partner with Turner, Harvest, and Ramirez.

Harvest's personal sigil is a scythe over a setting sun.


On her card, #15 of 50 in Highway Warriors, 4th Series, Redd Harvest's credits include:

  • 157 completed santions
  • 253 confirmed kills
  • 69 probable kills
  • No. 4 among living Ops (No. 2 in terms of mission count)
  • No. 57 in all-time rankings

As of 14 March 1995. Harvest had lost nine cars in action.


Redd Harvest is known to operate two customised Interceptors:

  • 'Nola Gay - G-Mek V12 Interceptor with a payload of two side-mounted mille pods and a hood-mounted chaingun
  • Maid of Orleans - G-Mek Model 14 V8 Interceptor with a payload of two wing-mounted 15mm autoguns and a turret-mounted chaingun

Harvest also routinely operates a THR basic configuration car:

  • The Elite - G-Mek Model 103S Interceptor with a payload of two wing-mounted machineguns, a passive left pattern mine deployment and a passice righ smoke layer.  Heavier hood- or roff-mouted weapons are fitted according to contract.

In addition to her work vehicles, Harvest is known to drive a private car:

  • Cadillac 1993 Allanté modified with switch-mounted lasers in the wings, extra armour, and pattern mine and smoke deployment systems.

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