Roman Catholicism is based in the Vatican, under the leadership of Pope Nelson Mandela. Since the 1970s, the Roman Catholic Church has been a bastion of liberal ideals, promoting same-sex marriage, use of contraception, an end to celibacy, and with nuns having the same status as priests. The Roman Catholic Church controls major computer systems and intelligence networks, as well as its own Army and Special Ops groups. Roman Catholic military intervention ended U.S. involvement in South America in the 70s, and resulted in Argentina having an overwhelming victory over the British in the Falklands war.

The main opposition to the Roman Catholic Church in the United States are the Brethren of Joseph, who own the state of Utah, which they name Deseret. Headed by the immortal Elder Nguyen Seth, the Brethren of Joseph practise blood sacrifice in worship of the Great Old Ones, in particular targeting artists and thinkers.

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