The Sanctioned Operative (or Op) is a new breed of law enforcer--a blend of bounty hunter, hired gun, and old-style fighter pilot.

In the vast tracts of lawlessness outside the Policed Zones of the great cities, motorized gangs reign supreme,  They terrorize the scattered communities along the Interstates, and war constantly among themselves for territory and prestige.  The roads have become a battle zone, where the slow and the weak soon die.

The Enderby Amendment of 1985 opened up the field of law enforcement to private individuals and organizations.  The Sanctioned op was born.

Some Ops can call on the resources of an agency, while others work alone.  They cruise the Interstate in their heavily-armed Interceptors on a perpetual seek-and-destroy mission.  Sometimes they're chasing bounties put up by the authorities.  Sometimes they're hired by a community to defend it from predatory gangs.  it's all money.

It's a dangerous business, and one that attracts all kinds.  There are hard-bitten professional killers, self-styled knghts in armour, veterans looking for the old thrills, ace racing drivers looking for a little more--the list is endless.  Some like the money, some like the danger, and some just like the killing.