Turner, Harvest, and Ramirez is a a Sanctioned Operative agency with offices across the United States.

Based around the three partners, the agency operates four offices, located in New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; Denver, CO; and San Francisco, CA.

The agency's motto is:  "You no longer have a problem."


THR provides a variety of services, ranging from personal protection, community patrol, site security, and, of course, targeted sanctions.

Key PersonnelEdit

Corporate advertising material claims that Turner, Harvest, and Ramirez are all in the national top fifty for mission success, and that they share 500 completed sanctions, 1234 confirmed kills, and 107 probables between them.


Redd HarvestEdit

Rebecca "Redd" Harvest is a senior partner and one of the agencies most active Ops.  She joined the company sometime between 1993 and 1995.



THR's standard issue car is the G-Mek Model 103S Interceptor with a payload of two wing-mounted machineguns, a passive left pattern mine deployment and a passive righ smoke-layer.  Heavier hood- or roof-mouted weapons are fitted according to contract.

Prominent Ops in the agency may operate one or more personalized cars, often bearing custom paint schemes in addition to their personal sigils.