Violent Tendency is a novel written by Eugene Byrne but never published, having been lost when the writer's Amstad PCW died.  It would have been a chronological sequel to Demon Download in the Demon Download Cycle.

Plot Summary[1]Edit

As opposed to the other Dark Future novels, Violent Tendency was set in Europe, where things are just as bad as in the USA.

Sister Chantal is being sentenced to the penal colony of Sicily, which has become a dumping ground for the criminal scum of Europe.  Surrounded by robotoc sharks patrolling the waters, the island has evolved its own feudal system run by a psychotic mafioso  who's obsessed with cleanliness.

In fact, Sister Chantal is working undercover to investigate a shadowy terrorist organisation called the Violent Tendency. They are a bunch of useless Marxists and anarchists, but they are being manipulated by Roger Duroc, Nguyen Seth's right-hand man.

After escaping, Sister Chantal heads to Berlin, surviving an assassination attempt by a robotic perfect Stepford type couple called Ken and Barbie . In Berlin, in a live porno club she meets Billy Priapus, a sort of half-man, half-goat porn star, an elemental force of mischief and massive sexual energy. Billy and Roger Duroc are working together on a fiendish plot.

Now in Paris, Sister Chantal discovers thatRoger Duroc and the Violent Tendency are planning a poison gas attack on the Paris metro.

Sister Chantal, Billy Priapus, and Roger Duroc engage in the climactic confrontation in Notre Dame cathedral, but Sister Chantal fails to stop the attack in time.  However, the bumbling Violent Tendency have failed to correctly create the poison gas and there is no significant harm done.

Main CharactersEdit

Sister Chantal

Billy Priapus

Roger Duroc

Publication HistoryEdit

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